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Adult Gym

Adult gym will be a system of strength, conditioning and mobility work aimed at safely preparing the body to undergo gymnastics as an adult.

The class starts with about a half an hour of warm up, aimed at plyometric strengthening, ankle and knee stability, core control and general shaping. After this we do some basic skill lanes for about 5-10 mins just to ensure we get some repetitions in week to week - all of the skills covered during this section have relevant regressions so no one should feel out of their depth. After this we get into partners to work on some active mobility for about 20 minutes, followed by about 10 minutes of core conditioning.

For the remaining half an hour the group may split off for free time around the gym to work on their own gymnastics if they wish; the coach will remain on the floor running a workshop on a particular skill for about 15-20 minutes before floating around the floor to offer individualised / apparatus advice or assistance.

No prior experience in gymnastics whatsoever is required, however the class content will be challenging and a reasonable level of fitness is highly recommended.

Book in or call us on 9913 7421 to enquire about our 5 class pass! 

18+ years old
1.5 hour duration
Program currently on hold
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