Updated: Nov 4, 2021

We have had several questions regarding the start date of our FitNastics classes, so we just wanted to send out some information to everyone before we start gymnastics again!

The FitNastics program which is our recreational program for school-aged children (Kindergarten to Year 12) will be starting as of Monday the 18th of October. This means that all the FitNastics kids will have a 9-week term of gymnastics for Term 4, 2021 which has been reflected in the charges on your accounts already.

We understand that some people have been a little confused due to the confirmation email saying that term is from the 5th of October. We do apologise for the confusion, our system is automatically set up to follow the NSW public school term dates, which was due to begin on the 5th of October.

Please make yourself aware of the updated COVID-19 Protocols:

  • Until further notice, we will be adopting a drop-off and pick-up system for all of our FitNastics Program No parents/guardians will be permitted to enter inside Pittwater Sports Centre, regardless of vaccination status. Once your child has been signed in, we do ask that you please leave the facility in an orderly fashion in order to help reduce the chance of crowding or gathering within PSC and the PSC carpark.

  • As no one 16 years or older is permitted to come onto Pittwater Sports Centre premises (including the car park) without proof of double vaccination, any parent/guardian that comes on site to PSC to escort a child to gymnastics and complete the QR code check-in, must be double vaccinated and be able to show proof of their vaccination status to our KSOTB COVID marshal on sign in of child/children.

  • All visitors to PSC must be checked-in via the QR code check-in process, including any parent/guardian, sibling, child participating in gymnastics etc. If you are checking in any children, you must add them as a dependant even if you then leave the premises. You will complete the check-in process once again upon returning to the centre for pick-up including that child as a dependant again.

  • Anyone over the age of 16 years who enters Pittwater Sports Centre (Parents, staff members, gymnasts over the age of 16 years) must be wearing a mask at all times whilst inside Pittwater Sports Centre.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What to wear:

  • Tight fitting clothing such as:

* Leotard

* Crop top and shorts

* Singlet top, T-shirt, long-sleeve top (nothing baggy)

* Shorts or leggings (we do not recommend skirts or dresses)

  • Shoes must be worn whilst entering and exiting the facility (the kids will take them off when they enter the gymnastics hall for their class)

  • For the safety of the children, we recommend that their hair should be pulled back neatly out of their face so that their hair will not be able to impact their vision whilst performing gymnastics skills.

  • No jewellery or watches should be worn during gymnastics classes with the following exceptions:

* Small stud earrings

* Medical bracelets*

* Religious jewellery*

*Where possible, it is recommended that the gymnast uses sports tape to tape these items to their body however we do understand that this may not be an option for medical bracelets.

Can I come in to watch the class?

  • Under the current COVID-19 protocols we will not be having parents enter the gymnastics centre. You will be asked to bring your child to our sign in desk, complete the QR code and show proof of vaccination before we will allow them access into the gym.

Does the parent/guardian dropping off and picking up the child need to be double vaccinated?

  • Anyone over the age of 16 years must be double vaccinated to come onto Pittwater Sports Centre premises (including the carpark).

  • The parent/guardian dropping off/picking up the child must escort the child to our sign in desk where we will need you to show proof of double vaccination as well as to complete the QR code check-in process.

  • You will add any children who came with you on-site as your dependants during the check-in process. We do understand that when you then leave the premises after dropping off the child participating in gymnastics it will sign them out. This will at least show that they have been on-site at that drop off time and then our attendance rolls will demonstrate (if needed) that the child remained on-site until you once again QR code check-in when you arrive to pick them up (adding them as a dependant again).

When will I know if my child is ready to move up classes?

  • All of our Fitnastics program classes are designed to follow a 12-month (4 terms) curriculum as a minimum time in the class. Some kids will however progress slightly quicker and other may take more time in the class before then moving up.

  • Our coaches assess the children throughout each term and will notify the Fitnastics program manager as to when a child is ready to move up classes. This is typically completed at the end of each term. The program manager will then contact you to help book in your child for their new program.

  • Twice a year we run an internal gymnastics competition called the Time to Shine competition that is optional for all Fitnastics children to attend. This event is also used an additional form of assessment for the children with anyone achieving a gold award at this event being offered to move up into the next program for the following term.

If you have any further questions about the program, please let us know.

We are really looking forward to seeing everyone next week!