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Kindy Rec is for 3.5 – 4.5 year olds, and in this program direct teaching methods are used to assist the children gain confidence and increase their physical awareness and development.

At this age the parents/carers become the viewer and the child participates in the class together with other children and their coach. The children then begin a whole new process of learning by observing their coach and classmates and not having their whole focus on the parent/carer. As well the interactive phase begins as the children learn to interact and play with other children without their parent/guardian present.

The learning process is also to a very large extent assisted; the skills your child is learning is done with the spotting of the coach. Until the coach feels that it is totally safe for the child to try the skill on their own the coach will properly assist the child with the skill.

After a warm up session the children are placed in groups and will do 4 apparatus circuits each week, focusing on gymnastics skills and co-ordination activities.

Each week our apparatus stations change, and you will see your child attain quite a lot of different skills and grow in confidence. We also focus on social skills such as lining up and taking turns

  • For more independent 3.5 – 4.5 year olds

  • Structured class

  • Warm up, 4 apparatus stations and cool down game or activity

  • Fun theme and dress up days

  • Bookings Essential