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Junior Fundamentals

"Junior Fun" is the foundation of our Fitnastics program.


Junior Fun is a co-ed class that is all about participation, fun, and learning! Within each lesson, children participate in four exciting, new, and varied circuits which cover all of the fundamentals of gymnastics. In one lesson, the children might be swinging from the rings, doing balancing challenges on the beam, learning to cartwheel and handstand on the floor and performing different jumps on the trampoline.

If you are wanting to your child to begin developing their sporting abilities or are just interested in having them participate in fun and friendly physical activity, Junior Fundamentals is the perfect program for your child! 

Ages 5 - 7 years old

1 hour Duration

Week day and Weekend Classes Available

Skill Matrix

Junior Funamental
Beginne Tumbling
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Tumbling Beginners

The beginner tumbling 5-7 years program is designed to cater to primary school aged children who love to jump, flip, roll and twist, whilst also looking to understand, and perform the fundamentals of tumbling!


Within this program, the children participate in 3 x 15-minute tumbling based rotations (including use of our trampolines, tumble track, foam pit and floor/tumbling strip) after performing a 15-minute warm up/stretch.   


This class is designed to follow on from either the Kindy Fitnastics class (run by KindyGym Australia) or the Junior Fundamentals class (run by Fitnastics Australia).


Beginner Tumbling is the foundation of our tumbling-based programs and is the perfect start to any child's education in tumbling/trampoline based gym-sports.

Ages 5 - 9 year old programs

1.25 hour duration

Weekday and Weekend Classes Available

Skill Matrix

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Flips and Tricks

The Flips and Tricks program is a freestyle class is one in which the participants are given a certain level of freedom to develop their own ‘paths’ within gymnastics, not being fixed to the apparatus or skills of one discipline.


Freestyle classes provide a safe and fun way for gymnastics to be taught to those that may not usually be attracted to recreational classes.  


Flips and Tricks assists participants to develop a heightened sense of spatial awareness that can be put to good use in a variety of other sports (including boarding, biking, snowboarding, climbing and surfing).


The appeal of the Flips and Tricks class is largely due to the structure of the class having a balance between structure and freedom within each of the planned gymnastics circuits.


Participants will complete a basic warm up in order to prepare physically and mentally for the class as well as to reduce the risk of injuries.

5 - 8 year old programs

1 hour duration

Weekday Classes Available

Skill Matrix

Flips and Tricks
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Junior Parkour

The Junior Parkour program designed to cater to primary school children.

Parkour is recognised as its own unique sport/ training method which involves moving over and through obstacles in natural or urban environments.
Our facility is the perfect environment for parkour development as there is a variety of safety matting and equipment to increase the participants physical development and confidence.

Each lesson the children will participate in 3 x 15 minute rotations starting with warm up/general stretch/physical abilities development before moving on to 3 of the following areas each week: trampolines, tumble track, tumble strip, foam pit, bars.

Ages 5 - 7 years old.
1 hour duration
Week Day Classes Available

Skill Matrix
Junior Parkour
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