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Girls Gym Masters

Masters follow our Senior Fitnastics curriculum. These programs require a more developed level of physical abilities than the children participating in Girl’s Pros and Champs as the skill level on the apparatus begins to become more advanced. Gymnasts will begin to perform tumbling skills on the floor and trampolines, circle skills on the bars, acrobatic elements on beam and vault and more advanced leaps, turns and jumps on the floor and beam. The Girl’s Gym Masters class is the most advanced class in the WAG Fitnastics program.  Children participating in Girl’s Gym Masters will participate in 3 x 30 minute apparatus rotations after completing a 15-minute warm up and 15 minutes of physical abilities development (strength, conditioning, fitness and flexibility) at the start of class.

Ages 9 - 17 years old

2 hour duration

Weekday and Weekend Classes Available

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