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Flips and Tricks

The Flips and Tricks program is a freestyle class is one in which the participants are given a certain level of freedom to develop their own ‘paths’ within gymnastics, not being fixed to the apparatus or skills of one discipline.


Freestyle classes provide a safe and fun way for gymnastics to be taught to those that may not usually be attracted to recreational classes.  


Flips and Tricks assists participants to develop a heightened sense of spatial awareness that can be put to good use in a variety of other sports (including boarding, biking, snowboarding, climbing and surfing).


The appeal of the Flips and Tricks class is largely due to the structure of the class having a balance between structure and freedom within each of the planned gymnastics circuits.


Participants will complete a basic warm up in order to prepare physically and mentally for the class as well as to reduce the risk of injuries.

5 - 8 year old programs

1 hour duration

Weekday Classes Available