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Independent Classes 

Kindy Rec and Kindy Fit are non-parent participation programs that focus on enhancing skills and gross motor development through intentional play, gymnastics circuits, and themed activities.

These programs also support school readiness development, addressing cognitive, social, physical, and emotional growth.
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Kindy Rec 3 - 4 years old

Introducing Kindy Rec, an engaging program tailor-made for 3-4 year-olds. The class begins with a brief warm-up to get those little bodies ready for action, followed by lively activities and songs that capture the imagination. The unique structure of the class involves organising children into small groups, embarking on a circuit-based journey akin to an exciting follow-the-leader game.

Class Highlights:

  1. Dynamic Circuits: Kindy Rec operates on a circuit-based model, ensuring that each child experiences a variety of activities in small, interactive groups. This dynamic format keeps the class engaging, energetic, and filled with opportunities for skill development.

  2. Weekly Station Rotation: Every week brings fresh excitement as the stations change, presenting new challenges and skills for your child to conquer. From balance exercises to creative movements, each station is designed to enhance different aspects of physical and cognitive development.

  3. Follow the Leader Game: The circuit setup creates a delightful "follow the leader" game, fostering teamwork and camaraderie among the children. Watch as your little one navigates through activities, gaining confidence and building essential social skills along the way.

  4. Certificate and Dress Up Finale: As the term comes to an end, we celebrate the accomplishments of each child during the certificate and dress-up week. Every participant receives a well-deserved award, providing a proud moment for both children and parents alike.


Why Kindy Rec?

  • Skill Variety: Kindy Rec Adventure introduces a diverse range of activities, ensuring that your child develops a multitude of skills in a fun and interactive environment.

  • Teamwork and Social Skills: The circuit-based format promotes teamwork and social interaction, laying the foundation for positive social skills and cooperation.

  • Exciting Weekly Changes: The ever-changing stations keep the class fresh and captivating, offering a dynamic experience that keeps children engaged and eager to explore.

  • Celebratory Finale: The term concludes with a special certificate and dress-up week, providing a delightful culmination to the adventure and a moment of celebration for the achievements of each child.


Join us in the Kindy Rec, where every week brings new challenges, friendships flourish, and the joy of accomplishment is celebrated in style!

Kindy Fit 4 - 5 years old

Embark on a fitness adventure with Kindy Fitnastics, a specialised program crafted for 4-5 year-olds, preparing them for the excitement of school ahead. The class kicks off with an invigorating warm-up, setting the stage for a session filled with exploration, skill-building, and a whole lot of fun.

Class Highlights:

  1. Warm-Up and Skill Mastery: Kindy Fitnastics begins with a dynamic warm-up, ensuring that young bodies are ready for the physical exploration that follows. Children dive into learning basic forward rolls and handstands, laying the groundwork for foundational gymnastics skills.

  2. Station-Based Learning: Each week, Kindy Fit kids tackle three circuits, engaging in more advanced skills and fundamental gymnastics exercises. The stations are designed to be both challenging and enjoyable, providing a balanced approach to physical development.

  3. Follow the Leader Game: Much like a captivating follow-the-leader game, Kindy Fit guides children through the stations with coaches strategically placed where direct teaching and assistance are needed. This interactive approach fosters teamwork and boosts confidence as children progress through the activities.

  4. Weekly Skill Progression: Witness your child's growth as they conquer different skills at each station every week. From balancing acts to gymnastic fundamentals, the variety ensures a well-rounded development experience for every Kindy Fit kid.


Why Kindy Fit?

  • Skill Advancement: Kindy Fitnastics introduces age-appropriate gymnastics skills, providing a platform for the development of coordination, strength, and flexibility.

  • Interactive Coaching: Coaches are present at each station, offering direct teaching and assistance, ensuring that children receive personalised guidance to master each skill.

  • Engaging Weekly Changes: The stations change weekly, keeping the class dynamic and exciting. This variety not only sustains interest but also ensures continuous skill progression.

  • Celebratory Finale: The term concludes with a special certificate week and dress-up celebration, where every Kindy Fit kid receives a well-earned award, celebrating their achievements and hard work.


Join us in the Kindy Fit, where fitness meets fun, and each skill conquered is a step towards a confident and active future!

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