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Parent Participation Classes 

Peek-A-Boo and Kindygym classes cater to children aged 12 months to 3.5 years. Our emphasis is on fostering children's gross motor development through purposeful play and introducing new gymnastics skills!
Our curriculum is carefully tailored to each child's developmental stage, aiming to transition them to an independent class by around 3 years old.
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Peek A Boo 12 - 24 months

Welcome to Peek A Boo, an exciting opportunity for toddlers aged 1 - 2 years old to explore, play, and gain confidence in a secure environment. This casual and free play session is designed to accommodate the unique developmental needs of your little ones, allowing them to crawl, toddle, walk, or run around with joy and freedom.

Class Highlights:

  1. Safe and Stimulating Environment: Our fully set up space provides a safe haven for toddlers to navigate different floor surfaces, trampolines, foam bits, and engaging hand-eye coordination activities. The environment is carefully crafted to encourage exploration and play in a secure setting.

  2. Confidence Building: Peek A Boo focuses on building confidence as toddlers master various challenges and activities. From crawling on diverse surfaces to interacting with soft foam bits, each experience contributes to their physical and cognitive development.

  3. Parent and Child Quality Time: Enjoy precious moments of bonding with your toddler during this free play session. Peek A Boo is an excellent opportunity for quality parent-child interaction, creating lasting memories as you explore the play space together.

  4. Exploration through Play: Embrace the concept of learning through play. Peek A Boo encourages toddlers to explore their surroundings, fostering curiosity, creativity, and a love for discovering new things.

  5. Casual Drop-In Classes: Our sessions run Monday and Tuesday during the school term, offering flexibility for busy schedules. This casual drop-in format allows you to attend at your convenience, making it a stress-free and enjoyable experience for both you and your toddler.

Why Peek A Boo?

  • Tailored for Toddlers: Peek A Boo is specifically designed for toddlers aged 12 to 24 months, ensuring age-appropriate activities that cater to their unique developmental stage.

  • Flexible Schedule: With sessions available Monday and Tuesday during the school term, our casual drop-in classes fit seamlessly into your daily routine.

  • Foundation for Kindygym: As toddlers gain confidence in Peek A Boo, they are well-prepared to transition to our Kindygym program, building a strong foundation for future physical activities.

  • Pre-Paid Class Passes: Make the most of your Peek A Boo experience with the convenience of pre-paid class passes. This option provides flexibility and savings for families who want to attend regularly.

Join us in Peek A Boo, where every crawl, toddle, and giggle is a step towards confident exploration and joyful learning!


Kindygym 24 months - 3.5 years old

Step into the enchanting world of Kindy Gym, designed for the youngest explorers aged 24 months - 3.5 years old. This delightful class invites you and your child on a 45-minute journey filled with excitement, discovery, and skill development.


Class Highlights:

  1. Varied Weekly Themes: Each week, our gym transforms into a playground of imagination, featuring different activities and themes. From fine motor skill exercises to engaging gross motor challenges, your child will explore a world of fun and learning.

  2. Structured Class Flow: The class is thoughtfully structured to accommodate the attention span and energy levels of our young participants. It includes a balance of free play, a warm-up with a cheerful hello song, themed group activities, action songs, guided play, and a cool-down session with a goodbye song.

  3. Passionate Coaches: Our dedicated coaches, under the guidance of Rylee Morton, Director of Kids Sports On The Beaches, bring enthusiasm and expertise to each class. With a focus on this specific age group, our coaches make learning a joyful experience for every child.

  4. Award-Winning Program: Over the years, our Kindy Gym program and staff have garnered numerous awards, solidifying our reputation as the best in Australia for Early Childhood classes. Join us and experience the excellence that has set us apart.

  5. Parent Participation: As a vital component of Kindy Gym, parent participation is essential. Your active role in encouraging and supporting your child adds a personal touch to the learning experience, fostering a sense of connection and security.


Why Kindy Gym?

  • Early Skill Development: Kindy Gym lays the foundation for fine and gross motor skill development in a playful and interactive setting.

  • Structured Fun: The carefully crafted structure of the class ensures an engaging and age-appropriate experience, keeping your child captivated from start to finish.

  • Guidance Towards Kindy Rec: Coaches will communicate with you about your child's readiness to progress to our Kindy Rec class, creating a seamless transition as they grow and develop.

  • Award-Winning Excellence: Join a program recognised for excellence in Early Childhood classes, where each class is a celebration of achievement and joyful exploration.


Embark on a journey of discovery with Kindy Gym, where every week is a new opportunity for your child to learn, play, and thrive!

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